Buying prints

Photographs are multiple prints (making their prices, on the whole, very much cheaper than paintings).

I am not offering exclusive or limited edition photographic prints (though it is very unlikely that I will ever produce prints in high numbers).

I am offering a very personal approach. If requested, I will leave a border at the bottom of the print, which I will sign and date and, again if requested, also add a unique dedication of your choosing (in that way every print will, in effect, be a special edition print).

They will be hand-produced prints on high quality paper.


33.3cm x 22.2cm
£300.00 per print

51cm x 33cm
£375.00 per print

To buy a print, please send me a message via the 'Contact' section of this website.

Also, please contact me to enquire about the price of the larger prints I intend to produce of photographs taken with a digital camera (at the moment only two are available and both can be seen in the 'Larger prints' gallery of this website).