Exhibitions information


These are printed and framed photographs that exist individually and do not fit into my exhibitions. They include still lifes, landscapes and portraits. They can be exhibited singly, but It is also possible to combine them, along with work from my three exhibitions, to produce other themed exhibitions. This is because they are printed to the same size and framed in the same way. An example was People Picking, an exhibition I presented at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham in 2003. As the name suggests, I selected images of people from across all my work.

The photographs are uniformly printed and framed.
Size of photographs: 33.3cm x 22.2cm.
Size when framed: 38.3cm x 28.3cm.

There are 17 Miscellaneous photographs printed and framed (some can be seen in a gallery of this website).

If you are interested in exhibiting all or part of this work, please let me know via the 'Contact' section of this website.

Miscellaneous photographs, either individually or in groups, have been exhibited at Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery; Waterstone's Bookshop, Leeds; Waterstone's Bookshop, Nottingham; The Broadway Cinema, Nottingham; Orleans House Gallery, London; Lauderdale House, London.