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Bright Side Up

I took most of these photographs in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, at Melton Days, which change two of the town’s parks into show grounds and fairs, and at Bank Holiday markets that took place at a nearby abandoned airfield.

I concentrated on days when light was vibrant and sparkling, and most of these photographs are genuinely optimistic. It is, on the whole, an entertaining and life-affirming series. However, a number of the images seem to hold a poignancy and sadness, and the title Bright Side Up becomes ironic. There is, perhaps, a sense of transience, with these constructed wonderlands available for just one day.

I consciously approached much of the work as a variant of Pop Art, since it presents items of popular culture and revels in their quirkiness and sheer bravado. There is a definite feel good factor in this celebration of the everyday when it seems to step forward and take a bow!

The photographs are uniformly printed and framed.
Size of photographs: 33.3cm x 22.2cm.
Size when framed: 38.3cm x 28.3cm.

Total number of framed photographs: 32 (some can be seen in a gallery of this website).
Smaller selections and individual photographs can be exhibited.

If you are interested in exhibiting all or part of this work, please let me know via the 'Contact' section of this website; alternatively, my email address is on the home page.

Exhibitions of Bright Side Up have taken place at De Montfort Hall, Leicester (as part of the offsite programme of The City Gallery); Evington Park Visitor Centre, Leicester (as part of the offsite programme of The City Gallery); De Montfort University, Leicester; The University Centre Milton Keynes (UCMK); Cumberland Lodge, Windsor; East Midlands Airport.