Exhibitions information


The photographs of my two other exhibitions, Bright Side Up and French Windows, were taken over a number of years. In contrast, those of Romeinaround were all taken during a four day visit to Rome in summer 2010. The teeming masses of tourists seemed like a fever, and I wanted to show that as well as images of the local citizens going about their everyday lives. The glimpses of the historic architecture adds to my homage to this incredible city.

The photographs are uniformly printed and framed.
Size of photographs: 33.3cm x 22.2cm.
Size when framed: 38.3cm x 28.3cm.

30+ framed photographs are available (some can be seen in a gallery of this website).
Smaller selections and individual photographs can be exhibited.

If you are interested in exhibiting all or part of this work, please let me know via the 'Contact' section of this website; alternatively, my email address is on the home page.

In 2014, a selection from Romeinaround was exhibited at the Museum of Classical Archaeology, University of Cambridge